Chinese Sulfur Market ReportChinese Sulfur Market Report

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Chinese Sulfur Market Report

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中国报告网提示:Chinese Sulfur Market Report

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Research Background

Affected by various market factors, domestic and abroad, Chinese sulfur market saw a volatile fluctuation during 2008 and 2009. Extreme price rises and falls brought widely and profound impact on relative industries.


This report comprehensively analyzed market behavior of Chinese sulfur market, basing on official statistics and information from National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of customs, National Chemical Information Center, Chinese Sulfuric Acid Industry Association, Chinese Phosphate Fertilizer Industry Association and International Fertilizer Association, as well as information from BOABC’s sulfur industry database and market survey data. Based on recent market behavior, it tried to forecast industry development trend in the next 5 years, qualitatively and quantitatively.


BOABC is going to focus on the following aspects in this report:

1. Policy Trend of Chinese Sulfur Market

2. Consumption Trend of Chinese Sulfur Market

3. Growth Potential of Domestic Sulfur Capacity

4. Outlook of Sulfur Import

5. Competitiveness Shift and Industry Integration Trend



1   Analysis of Industry Policy Environment

   1.1   Industry and Investment Policy

        1.1.1   Industry Development Program

    1.1.2   Investment Policy

    1.1.3   Industry Access Policy

   1.2   Impact of Environment Protection Policy

    1.2.1   Emission Reduction Policy on Sulphide

    1.2.2   Control Policy on Sulfur Pollution

   1.3   Import and Export Policy

    1.3.1   Variation Analysis on Import and Export Tax Rate

    1.3.2   Import and Export Policy of Sulfuric Acid and Other Sulphureous Chemicals

   1.4   Transportation Policy

   1.5   Tax and Subsidy Policy

   1.6   Industrial Technique Policy

   1.7   Analysis and Prospect of Chinese Sulfur Policy


2   Analysis of Domestic Consumption

   2.1   General Analysis of Domestic Consumption

     2.1.1   Variation Analysis of Sulfur Consumption Amount during 2000 and 2009

     2.1.2   Analysis of Sulfur Consumption Structure

     2.1.3   Local Distribution of Sulfur Consumption

     2.1.4   Factors influencing Sulfur Consumption

   2.2   Main Sulfur Consumption Industries

     2.2.1   Demand Analysis of Sulfuric Acid Industry

     2.2.2   Demand Analysis of Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Industry

     2.2.3   Demand Analysis of Asphalt Industry

     2.2.4   Demand Analysis of Concrete Industry

     2.2.5   Demand Analysis of Rubber Industry

     2.2.6   Demand Analysis of Other Industries

   2.3   Impacts on Sulfur Consumption from Other Sulphureous Products

     2.3.1   Sulfurous Iron Ores

     2.3.2   Smelted Sulphureous Products

     2.3.3   Other Sulphureous Products

   2.4   Chinese Sulfur Consumption Forecast from 2010 to 2015


3   Analysis of Domestic Production

   3.1   Overview of Chinese Sulfur Resource

        3.1.1   Crude Sulfur Mine Resource

        3.1.2   Sulfurous Iron Ore Resource

        3.1.3   Sulphureous Oil and Gas

        3.1.4   Other Sulfur Resources

   3.2   Domestic Sulfur Capacity and Output from 2000 to 2009

   3.3   Growth potential of Chinese Sulfur Capacity

        3.3.1   Recoverable Sulfur

        3.3.2   Mineral Sulfur

        3.3.3   Insoluble Sulfur

   3.4   Analysis of Sulfur Production Structure

   3.5   Industry Concentration Extent and M&A Trend

   3.6   Prospect of Chinese Sulfur Production from 2010 to 2015


4   Import Situation

   4.1   Overview of International Sulfur Market

        4.1.1   International Market Performance from 2006 to 2009

        4.1.2   Global Sulfur Capacity Distribution and Supply-Demand Situation

        4.1.3   Impact on Sulfur Market from International Oil Price

   4.2   Analysis of Chinese Import from 1996 to 2009

   4.3   Analysis and Prospect of Negotiation System in Sulfur Import

   4.4   Analysis of Dependence on Sulfur Import

   4.5   Analysis of Overstocked Imported Sulfur

   4.6   Prospect of Chinese Sulfur Import from 2010 to 2015


5   Analysis of Domestic Transportation

   5.1   Local Distribution of Sulfur Enterprises

   5.2   Local Distribution of Ports for Sulfur Import

   5.3   Factors influencing Sulfur Transportation Cost

   5.4   Comprehensive Appraisal of Various Transportation Means

        5.4.1   Railway Transportation

        5.4.2   Highway Transportation

        5.4.3   Water Transportation

   5.5   Prospect of Sulfur Transportation from 2010 to 2015


6   Analysis of Industry Competitiveness

   6.1   Domestic Enterprises

        6.1.1   Analysis and Prospect of Industrial Profit Rate

        6.1.2   Analysis of Production Cost and Profitability

        6.1.3   Analysis of Development Capacity

        6.1.4   Analysis of Risk Resistance Capacity

        6.1.5  Analysis of Competitiveness of Enterprises with Different Processing Techniques

        6.1.6   Analysis of Competitiveness of Enterprises with Different Scales

   6.2   Import Trade Enterprises

        6.2.1   Analysis and Prospect of Import Profit Rate

        6.2.2   Analysis of Cost and Profit in Import Trade

        6.2.3   Analysis of Risk Resistance Capacity

        6.2.4   Analysis of Competitiveness of Import Trade Enterprises with Different Scales

   6.3   Analysis of Competitive Landscape between Imported and Homemade Sulfur

   6.4   Prospect of Sulfur Industry’s Competitiveness from 2010 to 2015


7   Sulfur Price Trend

   7.1   Analysis of Sulfur Pricing Mechanism

   7.2   Domestic Mill Price from 2006 to 2009

   7.3   Local Wholesale Prices from 2006 to 2009

   7.4   Port Price from 2006 to 2009

   7.5   International Price from 2006 to 2009

   7.6   Sulfur Price Forecast during 2010 to 2015


8   Relative Industries

   8.1   Sulfuric Acid Industry

        8.1.1   Supply-Demand Situation and Price Trend

        8.1.2   Sulfur Supply to Sulfuric Acid Industry

   8.2   Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Industry

        8.2.1   Supply-Demand Situation and Price Trend

        8.2.2   Sulfur Supply to Phosphate Compound Fertilizer Industry

   8.3   Asphalt Industry

        8.3.1   Supply-Demand Situation and Price Trend

        8.3.2   Sulfur Supply to Asphalt Industry

   8.4   Concrete Industry

        8.4.1   Supply-Demand Situation and Price Trend

        8.4.2   Sulfur Supply to Concrete Industry

   8.5   Rubber Industry

        8.5.1   Supply-Demand Situation and Price Trend

        8.5.2   Sulfur Supply to Rubber Industry


中国报告网提示:Chinese Sulfur Market Report


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